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Transport and Fleet Insurance

Motor fleet insurance is designed to provide businesses who have multiple vehicles with one policy rather one policy for every vehicle. A motor fleet policy allows a business to insure a variety of motor fleet items on one policy.  If your business has a group of commercial vehicles a motor fleet insurance policy will be an option for you to consider. We will factor in the age, sums insured, radius of operation and level of cover required for each vehicle all on a single policy. Trans-West team of specialist can  help tailor a motor fleet policy for your specific business needs.

Motor fleet policies can incorporate a wide variety of vehicles. They can range from trailers, motorbikes, sedans, utes, forklifts, caravans etc. Having the right motor fleet policy in place can help lower premium costs and minimise time spent on administrating individual policies. Placing your vehicles on a motor fleet policy allows for broader coverage and additional covers.

In conjunction with handling your motor fleet policy, we can also handle the CTP policies for your Fleet and implement a CTP fleet management programme to suit your needs.

Trans-West team include motor enthusiast who have extensive knowledge of motor cars. Trans-West have established strong relationships in the motor insurance sector and we can customise a motor fleet policy to meet your business needs. Keep your business running and contact Trans-West Insurance Brokers to arrange a review of your current insurance and tailor a solution for your motor fleet needs.

General insurance is broadly defined as any insurance that is non-life insurance. The main forms of general insurance are: home and contents insurance, motor vehicle insurance, business insurance, workers compensation and travel insurance.

Trans-West can tailor an insurance and risk program for all different types of businesses and individuals. Let our experienced Risk Management and Solution Brokers review your current insurance program and business and we can tailor a complete general insurance programme to ensure every aspect of your business is covered.

Transport and Fleet Insurance
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