icare announces changes to workers compensation scheme

In recent updates, icare has just announced the results of the Scheme Agent selection process.  Successful in their tender, EML, GIO and Allianz will continue to partner icare. QBE however, were unsuccessful in their tender.

A summary of the key changes are below:

From the 01/01/2018, EML will be the only Scheme Agent in NSW to be managing new claims for “all employers” in respect to workplace injuries sustained on or after the 01/01/2018.

To clarify this further we confirm the following:

  • EML, Allianz, CGU, GIO and QBE will manage their existing claims and any new claims received up to the 31/12/2017.
  • Effective 01/01/2018, QBE and CGU will cease to operate as icare Agents.
  • Effective 01/01/2018, GIO and Allianz will operate as “Transition Agents” and will commence managing claims previously managed by CGU and QBE.

It is important to note the following in regard to transitional licenses:

  • Transition license awarded to Allianz will be for a 12 month period
  • Transition license awarded to GIO will be for a 24 month period

At this early stage of change we confirm EML have agreed to renew their Service Agreement with Trans-West and will continue to provide us with a dedicated Claims Management Team.

The changes put EML at the forefront of icare’s vision of a service delivery model for Workers and Employer.

We will continue to monitor this space and update you with the rollout of the claims transition process with Allianz and GIO and any new arrangements initiated by icare.

Underwriting/Premium Update

Effective 01/03/2017 icare commenced the underwriting and premium collection function for all “new policies” in NSW.

Trans-West recently met with icare’s Large Business Underwriting Manager, Ian David to confirm the outstanding matters we raised with him mid February regarding premium renewals effective 30/06/2017.  In the near future icare will provide a formal update covering the following:

  • Premium Rates – Rollover of WIC rates will occur.
  • Scheme Performance Rate – Rollover of rate will occur.
  • Transitional Premium Capping Arrangements – icare will not be extending the Transitional Premium Capping Arrangements for renewal premiums beyond 30/06/2017.

Trans-West has been allocated dedicated underwriters to manage the timely processing of all documentation for our client base.  To minimise confusion icare will be sending you a series of email communications 6 – 8 weeks before renewal, so as premiums are concerned we advise as follows:

  • The policy renewal process will be undertaken by icare,
  • icare will send us out your policy renewal invitations 21 days prior to renewal.
  • Declaration of estimate wages will be completed online via icare’s portal
  • Your incumbent Agent will send you your pre populated actual wage declaration forms 45 days prior to renewal.
  • Your incumbent agent will process your adjustment premium.

Amongst all the changes you can feel confident we will continue to support you and ensure the best outcomes for your organisation.

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