An Introduction to Trans-West Insurance

You never know what might happen in business. From natural disasters to workplace accidents, your assets need protection. 

Trans-West Insurance Brokers have over 45 years' experience in ensuring businesses are adequately covered. We have no shareholding or financial involvement in any insurance company, meaning we get the cover that's best for you, not your insurance company. 

What are some of the main risk areas we can provide commercial insurance for in NSW? 

1) Construction insurance and HBCF

There are many risks involved in construction. Typical policies will include cover for theft and malicious damage as well as destruction due to certain types of adverse weather. Cover for tools, scaffolding, goods in transit and plant and machinery can also be included.

Trans-West also helps with the HBCF (Home Building Compensation Fund, formerly known as Home Builders Warranty), whereby builders must take out insurance for any residential home valued at over $20,000. We've been involved in HBCF since its inception, and can help construction companies with regular reviews and HBCF certificate management. 

Trans-West's construction insurance can cover the risks associated with construction. There are all sorts of risks associated with construction – but Trans-West can cover you with a variety of construction insurance plans.

2) Motor Insurance

Trans-West provides a variety of motor insurance services.

We work with a range of clients such as Motor dealers, bus and transport operators, and small businesses to name a few. We are also able to offer fleet clients their mandatory CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurance.

Trans-West's Motor Sport scheme is an industry-first specialised cover for those involved in Motorsports. The policy can cover vehicles/vessels, parts and trailers for both transportation and storage. This can also extend to larger race teams and associated businesses.

3) Workers compensation

Workers compensation claims are incredibly common, so it's essential that businesses are adequately protected by workers compensation insurance. Trans-West's services go far beyond simply providing insurance, however. They also include:

  • Workplace health and safety reviews;
  • Risk services;
  • Premium analysis and tracking;
  • Monthly claims reporting;
  • Identifying major cost drivers in your premium;
  • Claims management intervention.
Our motor sport scheme is an industry-first product that covers motorsport competitors. Trans-West has worked with a number of insurance providers to create an industry-first product, our motor sport scheme.

4) Landlords and Real Estate

Upon becoming a landlord, you open yourself up to a variety of risks. You might lose rental income from rental default by tenants, as well as damage, both malicious and otherwise. It's also important to insure your fixtures and fittings – all things Trans-West can help with. 

We also cover real estate agents. Professional indemnity insurance for real estate agents is notoriously inconsistent, and not all policies cover the same things. We will help you to find the most comprehensive cover possible. 

The Trans-West difference

These are just some of the general insurance products Trans-West can provide NSW businesses. We'll take care of everything, from identifying the types of insurance you need, to negotiating with the insurers and securing your cover, as well as providing claims assistance and help with risk management. Contact the team today to find out what we can do for you.

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