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Terms & Conditions

If you ask us to arrange cover and so engage our services it is understood that you accept the following terms and conditions:

1. Your Agent

1.1 Trans-West will be your agent as provided for in the Financial Services Reform Act 2001 for the period of our engagement.

2. Limit of Advice

2.1 Our services and advice are limited to matters relating to and arising from this policy only and no other risk, exposure or interest. We can only accept responsibility for providing broader advice if engaged by you on a 'whole account' basis and we confirm acceptance of that engagement in writing.

General Advice Warning

2.2 General Advice does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances at the time, therefore you will need to consider whether this advice suits your requirements prior to acting upon it.
2.3 If we arrange an insurance policy for you, you should obtain and consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making any decision to purchase that financial product. The PDS is produced by the insurer and is designed to give you important information
about the policy you are considering purchasing.

3. Workers Compensation

3.1 Cover for Workers Compensation will NOT be included in any policy arranged by Trans-West unless our documentation sent to you specifically states that Workers Compensation is included.

4. Instructions by E-Mail or Telephone

4.1 Any form of instruction you send to us by e-mail or telephone will only be enforceable by you if we have confirmed receipt of the instruction back to you in writing.

5. Interim Cover

5.1 Cover is interim cover based upon the Insurers standard policy wording - continued cover will be dependent on you providing a signed proposal form and it being accepted by the Insurer.

6. Policy Documentation

6.1 The policy document will be sent to you as soon as possible after issue by the Insurer.

7. Explanation of Policy Conditions & Exclusions

7.1 It is not feasible for us to explain to you every term, condition or exclusion that the policy contains - you accept responsibility to read the policy so as to be aware of the terms, conditions and exclusions it imposes.
7.2 We will be pleased to explain any policy term, condition or exclusion that you don't understand but unless we hear from you within 30 days of sending the policy to you it will be taken that you accept the policy as meeting your requirements.

8. Insurer Security
8.1 Trans-West will endeavour to obtain sound cover with licensed Insurers but we cannot vouch for the financial stability or claims paying ability of any Insurer.

9. Premiums
9.1 All premiums will be invoiced by Trans-West and are payable to Trans-West (except NSW Workers Compensation);
9.2 Premiums received by Trans-West will be banked into a specifically designated bank account before remittance to Insurers. Interest earned on premiums held in that account will be retained by Trans-West.
9.3 Premiums are not necessarily the lowest available since 'best insurance' does not always equate with the lowest premium;
9.4 If you use 'premium funding' to pay the premium we will receive commission from the premium funder and if the premium funder requests cancellation of the policy (as per your contract with the funder) we will act on that request and forward any premium refund to the premium funder.

10. Trans-West Remuneration

10.1 We will receive direct remuneration for our services in relation to this insurance in the following ways: (i) fees paid directly by you as shown on our invoice and (ii) commission paid to us by your Insurer:
10.2 Some Insurers and our industry group (of which we are a member) pay us additional commission based on premiums written which could include premium for this policy.


Trans-West Insurance Brokers has been in business for over 40 years. We understand the general insurance market and the exposures business owners face on a day to day basis. Take advantage of our experience and reputation in the industry to help you set an insurance programme that suits your needs today!

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