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For any real estate agent, there are a few key policies they will need to consider for their business. The two most important insurance policies are professional indemnity insurance & public liability insurance. Trans-West can also assist your Landlord’s clients with protection against their investment property. Here’s what each of these look like and why Trans-West Insurance Brokers are the right partners to help you with your specific insurance needs.

Professional indemnity insurance for real estate agents

For professionals working in any part of the real estate sector, there will be a few key risks that come with their work. Professional advice like providing a property valuation can be a risky undertaking, especially when this advice is then being used by a client to make decisions about their financial future. Professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect against this risk.

A Professional Indemnity policy safeguards you and your business against legal costs and claims for damages from third parties which may arise out of an act, omission or breach of professional duty in the course of your business conducted by an employee, director, partner or principal.

Trans-West has a team of Account Managers who specialise in Professional Indemnity Insurance. We have access to a broad range of insurers to ensure we are able to secure the best cover at the best price for our real estate agents.

Public liability insurance for real estate agents

Working as a real estate agent is a career that’s all about people. It’s a chance to get out and help people get the right property for their needs. Public liability insurance covers you and your business for losses or damage to a third party as a result of your business activities.

In some cases, Trans-West can offer a tailor made insurance that combines your public liability insurance policy with your professional indemnity insurance policy. It’s in these areas where working with a broker like Trans-West Insurance Brokers can help real estate agents get the right combination of policies for their needs.

Landlord insurance

As property managers, real estate agents can also assist their landlords in obtaining Landlord’s Insurance for their rental properties.

At Trans-West we have worked with real estate agents for many years and we know how valuable landlord protection can be for their clients. Landlord Insurance can protect the property owner’s building and contents against fire, theft and storms, as well as including cover for liability and rent default.

To assist your Landlord Clients and to provide them with peace of mind that their investment property is protected if something goes wrong, give Trans-West a call.

What else should real estate agents consider when getting insurance?

While these policies are the most common for real estate agents, they’re far from the only policies available. Business insurance is also common option for agents who have assets like an office space. We can offer a business insurance policy that combines your contents, motor, tax audit, theft, money and liability insurance.

Working with a broker like Trans-West Insurance Brokers can also be a real benefit for Australian real estate agents. By partnering with an expert broker rather than going straight to an insurer, real estate agents can have the peace of mind that they’re getting a package of policies that is right for their needs and the risks they face.

At Trans-West, we’ve worked with many real estate agents to understand their risks and develop packages of policies that match the sector’s needs. It’s why we will often help Agents to get a broader level of cover. Because of our experience, we know the right questions to ask, which will help to ensure you’re getting the best products for your needs.

So, if you’re a real estate agent looking to protect your business from the risks you face everyday, get in touch with the team at Trans-West Insurance Brokers today.

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