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Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance

CTP insurance provides compensation for people who are injured in a motor vehicle accident. While other states of Australia have this insurance cover included in the registration process, all NSW vehicles are required to purchase this as a separate insurance policy.

In NSW you have to purchase a CTP insurance policy prior to registering your vehicle with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), and you will need the policy to cover the term of the registration. This could be anything from 3 up to 12 months.

Trans-West offer a fast and efficient service for all your NSW CTP needs with direct connectivity to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Qualifying clients will also have access to Fleet discounts.

CTP Insurance can be laborious to manage especially when operating a motor fleet. Let Trans-West simplify the overall management of your CTP policies.  To benefit from our expertise,  simply contact our offices and we can arrange a motor fleet CTP management process for you. For singular policy CTP quotes, simply contact us with your registration details and our CTP specialist will be able to assist.

General insurance is broadly defined as any insurance that is non-life insurance. The main forms of general insurance are: home and contents insurance, motor vehicle insurance, business insurance, workers compensation and travel insurance.

Trans-West can tailor an insurance and risk program for all different types of businesses and individuals. Let our experienced Risk Management and Solution Brokers review your current insurance program and business and we can tailor a complete general insurance programme to ensure every aspect of your business is covered.


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