Motor sport insurance

Motor sport insurance is a unique product – it’s a chance for you to protect your investment and keep doing what you love.

At Trans-West Insurance Brokers, we know just how important it is to have the right motor sport insurance. We’re passionate about the sport and about helping people in the industry get the right level of insurance cover for their needs. It’s why we work closely with groups at every level of Australian motor sport, from those just learning the ropes, up to professional drivers competing at the sport’s highest levels.

Using this experience, we’ve worked with a number of insurers to develop an industry-first; an insurance policy that is tailor-made for motor sport competitors to protect them in a competition environment.

What types of vehicles can be covered with a racing insurance policy?

If it races, has an engine and it isn’t a road-registered vehicle, chances are it can be covered by a motor sporting insurance policy.

There are some specific types of vehicles that are most commonly covered by a motor sport insurance policy that we broker at Trans-West Insurance. These include:

  • Competitive motorbikes/trail bikes.
  • Cars, ranging from karts and drag cars, up to V8s and Formula One.
  • Boats and other on-water racing vehicles.
  • Trailers and vehicles used to move other racing vehicles to and from events.

What is motor sport insurance?

As the name suggests, a motor sport insurance package is designed to give you comprehensive cover for any accidents you might encounter as someone who’s involved in the racing industry. This cover extends across:

  • You as a racing participant, in case you get injured.
  • Your racing vehicles, including during loading and unloading from your trailer.
  • Your trailers and other general goods that are used as part of a race.
  • Your race track and buildings.
  • Public and products liability insurance.
  • Your motor sport business, if you’re running a karting shop, working as a transporter for racing vehicles or organising races.

A motor sport insurance policy can also include a Transporter Package Insurance policy. This cover is designed for larger operations that are using a dedicated transporter to move their motor vehicle. The policy covers the transport vehicle and its contents (including race vehicles) in case they are stolen or involved in an accident.

At Trans-West, we have also developed tailored motor sport insurance cover for those who are teaching people how to race. With this style of insurance cover, we’re able to combine both professional liability and public liability cover.

What does a motor sport insurance policy cover?

Regardless of whether you’re a hobby driver or a professional racer, vehicles involved in motor sports will have a unique risk profile that deserves a dedicated insurance policy. As a driver, it also gives you peace of mind that the investment you’ve made in your vehicle is as secure as possible.

This could mean protecting your vehicle from theft, fire or water damage, or from accidents caused when transporting it to a racing event. This cover can also extend to your tools and any other items that are involved in your racing.

There’s just one area where we can’t insure your vehicle; when you’re on the track racing itself.

It isn’t just drivers who might need a motor sport policy though, and our team have extensive experience working with those involved in motor racing, who aren’t getting behind the wheel themselves. If you’re operating a racing track, we can arrange liability cover for your operations.

If you’re ready to talk to the experts about how to insure yourself, your equipment or your business, reach out to the team at Trans-West Insurance Brokers. We know the industry and we have the expertise needed to make sure you’re getting the right cover to keep you on track, no matter how you’re involved in the racing industry.

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