Compulsory Third Party (CTP) personal injury insurance, also commonly referred to as a Greenslip, is compulsory for all motorists in New South Wales before they can register their vehicles. For companies with a large number of vehicles in their fleet, CTP insurance may also represent a major expense and can be laborious to manage. By buying through a broker it is possible to save money and simplify the overall management of having the CTP policy in place.

That’s why our team at Trans-West Insurance work with businesses to ensure they’re getting the right package of CTP policies to meet their needs.

What is CTP insurance?

CTP insurance provides compensation for people who are injured in a motor vehicle accident.

While other states of Australia have this insurance cover included in the registration process, all NSW vehicles are required to purchase this as a separate insurance policy.

In NSW you have to purchase a CTP insurance policy prior to registering your vehicle with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), and you will need the policy to cover the term of the registration. This could be anything from 3 up to 12 months.

Who needs CTP insurance?

Every person wishing to register a vehicle in NSW will be required to have a CTP Insurance policy in place to cover them for any personal injury caused in the event of a motor vehicle accident. For companies that are operating a large number of vehicles, having CTP insurance is vital to making sure your vehicles meet all RMS registration regulations, and that your business is protected in the event of an accident.

Trans-West work with businesses such as bus operators, those with truck fleets, as well as those operating a large fleet of cars. Due to some of the varying requirements surrounding the different fleet products, this is where an insurance broker will be able to add value for a business

Why should you use an insurance broker like Trans-West?

With an insurance broker, you’ll know you’re getting the right policy for your needs, which can give you peace of mind as your staff head out onto the road. As there’s only a small number of insurers who are licenced to issue CTP insurance policies in New South Wales, we can ensure that you are getting specialised recommendations and the best option.

At Trans-West, we can also offer existing clients the option of a credit term facility to spread the payment for their CTP insurance, rather than paying the full cost up-front. For businesses, this can ensure that insurance costs aren’t interrupting the business’s cash flow.

Beyond the financial benefit, we can also help to keep your vehicles compliant, issuing reminders when the policy is close to expiring.

How do you get a CTP policy?

If you want to get your company’s CTP greenslip needs sorted through our team at Trans-West Insurance Brokers, there are a few simple steps that can be completed via phone, fax or email:

  1. Gather all the right paperwork. Provide our team with your vehicles registration paperwork or simply provide the registration plate number, along with a Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) billing or customer number.
  2. Provide us the above renewal paperwork. This can be completed either over the phone (02 9601 7166), fax (02 9821 2010) or email (reception@transwest.com.au).
  3. We will then contact you to provide your CTP quote. Once you accept the quote, and finalise payment arrangements, we will email the CTP Policy through to you. Within 15 mins the policy will also be electronically activated on the RMS system, ready for you to finalise your vehicle registration.

If you’re ready to simplify your CTP insurance and want to be sure you’re getting the right cover for your needs, get in touch with our team at Trans-West Insurance. Our team can give you the information you’ll need to get this process started.

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