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Some of the largest expenses any business will incur are plant, equipment and machinery. It’s these investments that, quite literally, keep the gears of a company turning, which is why protecting them with the right levels of insurance cover is so important.

When you’re looking to cover such large business investments, you’ll want to know you’ve got the right information and advice to keep your assets safe. That’s why our team at Trans-West Insurance Brokers work closely with insurers to make sure we’re able to offer the right products for your business.

What does machinery and equipment insurance cover?

A typical plant policy is designed to be broad – there’s a wide range of different types of machinery and equipment that a business will own, so policies have to be flexible enough to cover the major risks they face.

For example, a plant and equipment insurance package will provide cover for accidental loss or damage, but also for deliberate acts like theft or vandalism. Vandalism in particular is a common issue that every construction site in the country will be taking steps to prevent, and it’s here that a specialised insurance policy can add real value.

Cover can be arranged for any number of different types of equipment and machinery – right up to tower cranes and large earth-moving equipment. In cases where machinery has to be moved into place and assembled on site, the plant may also be covered whilst in transit.

There are a few common exclusions, although these will vary based on the insurer. For example, some insurers won’t provide cover for machinery that’s on a barge or boat, or operating in a mine. Another important exclusion will be around how the machinery is used – a policy will only cover proper use, so if a crane has been overloaded and the operator has ignored the crane’s built-in warnings, any accidents may fall outside the scope of the policy. However cover can be arranged to protect the owner of the machine if it is operated incorrectly without their knowledge.

Who needs mobile plant insurance?

We’re talking about large pieces of equipment that couldn’t be used on a road; earth movers and cranes, rather than a ute covered by a traditional vehicle insurance policy.

Building sites aren’t the only situations where machinery insurance might be valuable. Large-scale farming operations that use combine harvesters and other large pieces of machinery are facing many of the same risks, and will need a dedicated insurance policy to match.

How Trans-West helps those working with large pieces of equipment and machinery

Here at Trans-West Insurance Brokers, we’ve spent the last 30 years helping businesses of all sizes get the right Contractor’s Plant and Equipment cover they need. Using our strong relationships within the sector, we’re able to help businesses get the right level of cover for their needs.

This is especially important with the large costs that come with plant and machinery. If you’re looking to insure an earth mover that’s a few years old, the depreciation will have eaten into its upfront cost. By understanding these slight changes we can often help businesses save money, while still protecting these vital assets. We can even arrange for a valuer to visit your site to give an accurate appraisal of your equipment’s value, which will help you get the right cover.

So, if you’re ready to get the right levels of cover for your machinery and equipment, talk to our team at Trans-West Insurance Brokers today. Our experts can help you find the right levels of cover from your many options, giving you peace of mind that your investment is safe.

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