Additional Services


Additional Services

Business Interruption
Business Interruption includes such costs as wages, professional fees for claims preparation, profit and increased costs of working.  Up to 60% of small and medium business enterprises have insufficient or no Business Interruption Insurance to assist with reinstating the business after a loss.

This is a complex area and extensive work is generally required to ensure the sums insured are adequate.  Our network of qualified specialists can assist with reviewing your Business Interruption program to ensure adequately declared values, indemnity periods and cover.

Accurate sums insured on your building and plant and equipment are essential to satisfy the real costs of reinstating your business when settling a claim.  Real estate valuations are not accurate in terms of building costs and depreciated values for plant and equipment and will not reflect replacement costs in the event of a loss.
Trans-West can arrange a professional insurance valuation of your buildings, plant and equipment.  These reports are comprehensive and will form the basis for adequate and accurate sums insured. Such valuations will also assist us in negotiating the best policy conditions for you (T&Cs), particularly in relation to co-insurance.  You will be advised by your account manager of any additional costs for this service.

Premium Funding
Trans-West invoices are payable within 14 days. However, we acknowledge that this may not always be convenient and, accordingly, premium funding is available as an alternative. Please discuss the best solution with your account manager.

Staff Insurance
In conjunction with our staff CTP offer, we can arrange for your staff to have access to a range of personal insurances for motor vehicle, household, landlord and travel. If you are interested in any of these services, please discuss with your account manager.